• Our customers are companies with sophisticated supply chains and complex intralogistic processes.
    Our job is the optimisation and mostly the automation of these processes.

    We are experts in recognising and exploiting potential ares of improvements.
    Hands on and in coordination, face to face, with the customer.

    We manage your (our) project with deep technical know how in combination with deep economic / logistic skills,
    and several years of experience in intralogistic automation.
    We manage the change and monitor costs and effort. We also manage all other partners in your project.
    Well documented - on time. The basis of everything is a detailed specification of all parts of the challenge.

    We do not only consult - there are enough mere consulters. We also provide products.

    With INLOGISTICS we manage your intralogistic as well as the most related enabler processes. And - coming soon - with our own AGV System we continue the expansion of your product portfolio.

    Sustainable projects are your trademark. Therefore we provide a lot of life time services and full 24/7 support.

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Consulting & Research

Change Management

Products and Services



Manage your information and material flows with INLOGISTICS in a new way. Modular concept, 100% individually customized, easy usability. Independend of third party software, and completely open in all sources for our customers. Open book calculations. Confidence by transparency.

WMS Warehouse Management System

The Warehouse Management Module provides efficient control and optimization of your warehouse and distribution systems. Many interfaces to adjacent systems allow process data move fast, in addition to managing inbound and outbound deliveries, local stores, movement orders and several handling units

What makes us superior?

  • 100 % individual
  • no unnecessary functions or buttons
  • perfect workflow support
  • useful reporting possibilities
  • multi-lingual
  • process-triggered hmi

MFC Material Flow Control

A material flow controller helps to tweak the semi or fully automated material flow tasks, and to coordinate conveyancing systems. The MFC receives transport orders from WMS or other systems. The clear visualization supports the user and provides a survey of the overall system. A detailed debugging system helps to show the status of the conveyor.

What makes us superior?

  • 100 % individual
  • maximally fault-tolerant system
  • manageable by visualisation
  • self recovering system
  • lazy data collection
  • open protocol for connecting any PLC

QML Quality Management Light

The QML integration assists an effective quality process and supports continuous improvement. Automating the routing processes to ensure faultless work, and reducing completion time are highly prioritized. Other benefi ts are documentation throughout the process, complete traceability and process monitoring.

What makes us superior?

  • QM is not our core business, but the tool completes the integrated way of a supply chain management system

DMS Document Management System

Systematically arrangend documents are crucial for success. Easy to use, simple to archive and quick availability of information to reduce costs and time. It is an innovative, indivdual solution and a secure platform for your business docu-ments.

What makes us superior?

  • faster than commonly known systems
  • fulltext scan of text
  • fulltext scan of images trough ocr
  • process integration
  • database based
  • web access
  • limited by your hard disc space only

TPM Total Productive Maintenance

TPM engages all levels and processes in production to increase the overall eff ectiveness of production equipment and tools. The aims are the optimization of the whole production system lifecycle and prevention of defects, failures and accidents. Zero equipment breakdowns and zero product defects.

What makes us superior?

  • integrated and completely covered functionality
  • user guided interface
  • display and reflect all your TPM tasks

SPR Source / Software and Parameter Repository

In case of broken equipment with high levels of mechatronical or electrotechnical nature, INLOGISTICS SPR eliminates difficulties in quickly and easily finding the necessary, suitable software and parameter-sets to get the machine back on track. INLOGISTICS SPR helps to manage all kinds of issues in an easily managed repository. Stays on track in case of emergency.

What makes us superior?

  • integrated and completely covered functionality
  • user guided interface
  • display and reflect all your TPM tasks

MES Manufacturing Execution System 4.0

MES provides scalable and configurable functions and keeps track of all manufacturing information in real time. Improve your productivity and operational efficiency, in addition to reducing cycle time. Be smart, flexible and get proper data. Increase your manufacturing quality and effi ciency in key and support processes.

AGV Automated Guided Vehicles

The AGV helps with automatic movement of goods to save time, improve saftey and boost your performance. An optimal solution to perform intralogistics transport, where conveyors are not usable. The AGV module coordinates our own AGVs, but also vehicles from other providers.

SIM Simulation

In every WMS/MFC project the configuration and customizing have to work and run smoothly in our simulation system, before the physical construction part starts. The user learns about new environment, approve the process and has the chance to get familiar with the look and feel of INLOGISTICS. With our simulation module the customer is able to provide a training environment perfectly.

What makes us superior?

  • training before construction
  • real time simulation
  • based on simulated sensor/actors
  • simulation of mechanics also of transport processes in combination with business operations
  • estimation of capacities and throughputs

SNM System and Network Monitoring

Monitor your applications, systems, servers, machines and instruments with one power-ful tool. The SNM module checks your system any-time from anywhere and provides detailed reports.

What makes us superior?

  • we monitor every device that can communicate in any electronic way
  • in any language/protocol - we will learn any new protocol required
  • customer customizeable
  • integrated in visualisation, reporting and error handling

PLC Software for Automation

INTREST PLC software is designed and implemented for customers, not only for nerds. Technicians with common automation knowledge can easily understand our system, design and source codes.

DEX Data Exchange

Supply chain management (SCM) deals with all information, departmentsand processes in a company. The ideal system should interact compatibly with any kind of system in a company. INLOGISTICS does exactly this.

What makes us superior?

  • no rules
  • we connect every communicating device and any system
  • no exceptions - we accept your protocols


The basics module enables all other modules to run and contains functionalities like data handling, visualisation, reporting etc. In our development process we have bypassed conventional ways of making software. Small, smart and fast ant-like pieces of code work together optimally in order to achieve maximal efficiency.

What makes us superior?

  • easy handling
  • open source
  • tailor-made
  • fast. faster. fastest
  • not third party made
  • 100 % web
  • no dependency (platform)
  • any database
  • no limits

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